Bold Production Services provides quality assets and service exclusively to Well Testing and Flowback Companies in the lower 48.  We offer a versatile line of NACE 4 Phase Production Testing Packages designed to service a single well pad, multi well pad, production facility, or gathering system.

BOLD’s modular method of design allows for a timely installation and simplifies the mobilization component of the project due to all of our assets being skid and trailer mounted.  The BPS standard includes all NACE compliant separator packages with inlets and outlets piped to skid edge with 1502 connections to simplify the installation process. The BPS designed pipe spools are 100% x-rayed, utilize all flanged connections, built on containment skids, and are color coded to simplify the operation process.  Each of our assets are bolted to our custom gooseneck or king pin style trailer with options of 15K ESD’s, 15K choke manifolds, 40’ 8” and 60′ 6″ skid mounted flare stacks.  BOLD’s entire asset base can be utilized to meet your temporary or permanent production facility needs by simply unbolting the skid from the trailer by our BOLD Field Team.

BOLD utilizes  EDGE 360 small  on all of our assets allowing operators to immediately obtain detailed operating instructions, fabrication and packaging drawings, schematics, interactive P&ID’s, tools for training, and MTR’s.  This allows teams across the globe to work from one via point obtaining all of the design data for our assets 24/7, 365.

Sand Traps Separators Line Heaters Auxiliary Equipment
NACE 6,000# 24″x 8′ Sand Traps on L-Shaped Skids NACE 1,480# 30″x 15′
4 Phase Production Testing Packages
NACE 1MMBTU/HR Skid Mounted 22 Pass Coil Line Heaters with Containment Skids, Ignition and Burner Management Systems NACE 60′x 6″ Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Flare Stacks with Ignition Systems
NACE 10,000# Sand Traps on L-Shaped Skids NACE 2,220# 36″x 15′
4 Phase Production Testing Packages
NACE 2MMBTU/HR Skid Mounted Line Heater with Containment Skids and Burner Management Systems 24,000 lb 18ft Hydraulic Sand Trap Trailer
NACE 5,800# Sand Traps on L-Shaped Skids NACE 1,480# 48”x 10’
4 Phase Production Testing Package
NACE 285# 48″x 20′
4 Phase Production Testing Packages
 NACE 1480# 48″x 20′
4 Phase Production Testing Packages
NACE 740# 72″x 20′
4 Phase ARCTIC Production Testing Packages
 NACE 285#/100# 94″x 34′
4 Phase Production Testing Packages