• Local Service Team availability
  • Low Capital and Operating Costs
  • Flexible & Scalable System
  • 99%+ Destruction Efficiency (Independent 3rd party tested)
  • Very High Turndown Ratio
  • Scalable flow rates – from 100-200 MSCFD
  • Inlet pressure as low as 2oz/in² and up to 120psig
  • Capable of 18,424,800 BTU/hour
  • TERO License from Three Affiliated Tribes
  • Solar Panel functionality
  • SCADA integration with control panel for remote monitoring
  • Stainless steel construction





quad o flare

  • Combust produced gas (high pressure and high flow) as well as tank vapor (low pressure)
  • Capabilities to handle a wide flow range of Tank Gas vapors – as low as 5 MSCFD and greater than 200 MSCFD depending on Enclosed Combustor selection
  • Advanced design allows for high pressure burners, low pressure enclosed combustor, and pilot to be used as a complete unit or independent units
  • Ideal for use with:
    • Multi-Pad Wells
    • High Flow Applications
    • Variable Flow Applications
    • Dual Flow Applications
    • Produced Gas and Storage Tank Vapors