BOLD Goes Green

BOLD Production Services has historically focused its efforts in exclusively supporting Oil and Gas Service Companies in the Upstream sector of the Market.  BOLD will be expanding their efforts into the Treating, Processing, and Emissions side of our business creating a solution for all parties, Upstream/Midstream.  BOLD will focus on extinguishing the flare, emissions reduction, and creating value for what is now considered a burden or waste gas.

The Treating and Processing side of our business will focus on the extraction of H2S and CO2 from the associated gas stream as well as Stabilization of Condensate and NGL Liquids.  Our services start at the Drilling, Completions, Flowback, and Well Testing stages of the project and will end at the Production Facilities/Gathering Systems.  BOLD has also defined a solution for Pressurized Storage Systems in the Upstream/Midstream Sector of the Market.  We offer all of the necessary separation, treating, and processing services, ultimately providing a turnkey solution for our respective clients.

BOLD will assist our clients in becoming compliant with the Federal (QUAD-O) and State Mandates that are projected to be heavily enforced in 2015.  Clients and prospective clients are currently transitioning towards these methods of drilling, completion, and production, however BOLD will take them to the finish line and allow them to focus their efforts on drilling and completing more wells.  BOLD will take it one step further offering a full line of telemetry options as our standard, forming a strategic alliance with Lime Instruments.        


Small-Union  Amine Processing Systems

Small-Union  Glycol Dehydration Systems

Small-Union  BTU Management Systems

Small-Union  Skid Mounted Product Tanks with Loading Racks

Small-Union  H2S Scavenger Systems

Small-Union  Condensate and NGL Stabilization Systems

Small-Union   QUAD O Compliant Combustors

Small-Union   QUAD O Compliant Flares

Small-Union   VRU Systems

Small-Union   Sand X Containment Systems